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Excision (or Destruction) of Skin Lesions

Excision or ablation of epidermal, dermal, and subcutaneous lesions.

Numerous small benign skin lesions, including nevi, papillomata, cysts,
warts, indolent ulcers, and unsightly scars, and minimally invasive malignant
skin lesions, such as squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma,
and malignant melanoma, can be excised, often employing local anesthetics.
Usually, these patients are treated in same-day surgery or outpatient
surgery facilities.

Following the skin prep, the outline of the lesion is marked prior to
infiltrating the area with a local anesthetic. An elliptical incision is
made about the lesion oriented to the skin lines (Langer’s lines). Primary
closure is achieved by undermining the wound edges to facilitate
tension-free approximation. After hemostasis is achieved, the wound is
closed.When there are numerous lesions, after excisions of representative
specimens, e.g., condylomata, and the remaining lesions do not
require histological examination, the electrosurgery unit (ESU) or
laser of choice (e.g., CO2 laser) may be used.